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Paragon 12: Billstone Best Watch Winder

All of you collectors of luxurious and branded watches must have heard about Paragon 12: Billstone best watch winder, right? Especially the brand Billstone, one of the oldest yet to survive the modernization. Even considered the most secure and exclusive watch winder. Not only do they design the best watch winder, but they also keep developing them.

Paragon 12 Specifications

With dimensions of about 530mm in height, 360mm in width, and D. 200mm, Paragon 12 weight is 8 kg, pretty heavy yet still exquisite. You can keep 12 of your luxurious collections in this product, wide enough, don’t you think? 

Not to mention the exterior and interior finish of this collection, it’s made of luxurious material. Just imagine, the Macassar wood and black piano finish of the exterior combined with black velvet in the interior, it’s the perfect combination, right? Who can resist not buying it? It will fit in with your watches collection, such as tag Heuer Carrera, and other luxury branded watches.

Its 12 motors can easily protect your watches and don’t forget the extinguished finish of the interior and the exterior. The Macassar wood and black piano finish for the exterior look stunning combined with the black velvet finish on the inside. You can also choose whether or not to turn on the LED lights.

If that isn’t enough, its modern technology also brings out the best accessories such as a security lock and power adaptor equipped with a touchscreen control panel for rotation mode. Whether you want to choose clockwise rotation, counter-clockwise one, or even bidirectional. All of those specifications are powered by a 110V-240V adaptor

Billstone Paragon is a set of series that combined a modern design with advanced winding technology.

All the Paragon series are well protected with a security key, so you don’t have to worry about your collections getting stolen. Its famous Flexi-pad won’t make your watchstraps lose or damaged, either your strap is made from rubber, ceramic, steel, r even leather. Satisfying, right?

Sum Up Paragon 12: Billstone Best Watch Winder

Well, what do you think? After reading all that info about the best watch winder, consider buying one for your collections? For the Paragon 12 itself, the price is IDR 31,400,000. Kind of expensive, but you got what you are paying, right? If you want an affordable one, you can search on their website, but if money is not your problem, then you should buy without hesitation. You will be covered by 1-year limited warranty, too. Just remember to read the terms and conditions carefully, okay.

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