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Billstone’s Quad Watch Winder Collections

If you are looking for high-quality watch winders for automatic watches, you should consider Billstone. This brand has been producing the most gorgeous, most secure watch winders since it was founded in 1977. Their products are the perfect blend of high-quality materials, impressive designs, and advanced technology. If you own 4 mechanical watches or plan to grow your collection, below are Billstone’s quad watch winder collections that you can choose.

Collector 4 Ebony

Billstone’s Collector line is one of their most popular watch winder lines. And if you collect multiple automatic mechanical watches, you can consider choosing the Collector 4 Ebony quad watch winder. As the name implies, this watch winder can accommodate up to 4 automatic watches. It features a dedicated motor that will wind your luxury timepiece. With a 75mm-wide cushion, it will even fit the largest oversized watches, like Sevenfriday, Panerai, and so on.

Thanks to the 5 pre-programmed rotation modes, the Collector 4 Ebony can meet most automatic watches’ winding requirements. These pre-programmed rotation modes are off, clockwise, counter-clockwise, bi-directional, and bi-directional quick charge. It also allows you to easily set up the watch winder to meet your watch’s needs. The watch pad is made of a flexible pad that can adapt to the shape and size of the watchband, ensuring it will not damage or ruin your watch.

In Safe 4 Walnut

If you are searching for watch winders for automatic watches that can be placed in an enclosed cabinet or safe, Billstone’s In Safe 4 Walnut is a great option. As the name suggests, this watch winder is made of walnut. It comes with a Lithium-Ion battery that is rechargeable and lasts long. So, you do not need to plug it into an electric socket, allowing you to bring it while traveling. It has spring-loaded watch holders to adapt any watch sizes and shapes.

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